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Naples Fishing

The “Other” Fish of Naples Offshore Fishing

By July 17, 2018February 7th, 2021No Comments
A Naples area angler holding up a large permit fish he just caught.

Naples is known for swanky shopping, beaches, and fishing. This barrier island’s Gulf coast offers 5-star resorts, but don’t forget the island’s funky intercoastal dives. These dives are home to local music and characters.

Whether you have an unlimited budget or a shoestring budget, Naples has something to offer, and the fishing is sensational! The region is renowned for Florida’s most exciting offshore fishing. Barracuda and Hammerhead Shark literally leap from these clear waters. Moreover, local anglers revere the Permit Fish for hard a fight on the line and taste.

Permit are Naples most sought after catch. The region’s offshore fishing reports don’t always mention Snook, Tarpon or Redfish, but they do reserve a column for the Permit catch. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation (FWC), Permit, Trachinotus Falcatus, are a species of fish in crisis, identity crisis. Some can’t distinguish a Permit from the commercially marketed Florida Pompano. Yet, this fish has carved a niche among Naples’ fishing enthusiasts. It’s as delicious as the Pompano and more fun to catch. Permit are known to school in deep water and patrol the inshore wrecks. The Gulf’s offshore waters relinquish more than Permit, local anglers reel-in Hammerhead Shark and Barracuda.

fisherman with shark

In general, the Gulf of Mexico is acclaimed for Tarpon. Many of Naples local anglers feel it’s hype. The Tarpon, although displaying a gawk-worthy aerial demonstration upon capture, is less important to the region’s fisherman than the harder fighting deep sea game. Numerous videos may be found of anglers reeling-in a 12 foot Hammerhead for a quick glimpse. Moreover, the region disgorges a surprisingly different catch, the Barracuda.

barracuda caught in naples

It’s said that if you can’t reel in anything else from the deep waters that surround Naples, fall back on Barracuda. According to the FWC, the angler is allowed to catch and keep one Barracuda that exceeds 36 inches in length per day. “One of my favorite fish,” states an angler, at, “is the great barracuda. Sure, they get a bad name for following divers down the reef with their teeth bared, but they’re just being their inquisitive selves. They’re also a lot of fun to catch.”

In most Gulf waters the Red Snapper is the prized catch, but Naples locals take pride in Permit.

permit caught in naples

After reeling-in challenging catches like Hammerhead Shark and Barracuda from the region’s deep waters, visit the Naples’ bustling downtown for upscale shopping, or kick back in a dive bar along the intercoastal.