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Fishing the Gulf of Mexico for Red Snapper

By July 3, 2018February 7th, 2021No Comments
two fisherman deep sea fishing for red snapper in naples, florida

It’s said that the Gulf’s deep waters were made for reeling-in Red Snapper. The Gulf of Mexico encircles more than 600,000 square miles of Red Snapper territory. Anglers will reel-in numerous Red Snapper atop the Gulf’s choppy waters. There’s a 10 Snapper per 2 angler limit, for the 2018 harvest.

Ready yourself deep and choppy Gulf waters. There’s no experience like fishing the Gulf for Red Snapper. The Gulf is a complex system of currents. The Caribbean and Antilles current converge along Florida’s West Coast, making their way to the Atlantic. These waters are a shocking 3660 miles deep. You may even encounter one of the region’s infamous Giant Deep Sea Squid, while reeling-in Red Snapper.

This years’ brief Snapper season upsets many anglers. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC), recreational Red Snapper season began June 11th and continues to July 20th, a narrow window to reel-in the Gulf’s most delicious fish. Although Twenty-Eighteen’s Red Snapper season is brief, it could be worse. National Public Radio informs us that Red Snapper season drew to a conclusion in a mere 3 days, during 2017. Over fishing has caused a great decline for the Gulf’s Red Snapper population. According to, Red Snapper have been over fished for 150 years. Schools are rebuilding in population. However, Snapper harvest seasons will remain narrow for Gulf waters.

Angler beware, your fishing license must read Gulf Coast Reef Angler, to reel-in Red Snapper. Who is a Gulf Coast Reef Angler? Anyone fishing the Gulf of Mexico who intends to reel-in Red Snapper – recreational anglers who fish from a private boat or from Florida’s Coast are required to obtain a Gulf Reef Angler license for the lawful harvest of Red Snapper. Additionally, those reeling-in Red Snapper along the shores of Monroe County, the Florida Keys, are exempt from obtaining a Gulf Coast Angler’s license. Moreover, the Florida Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission’s (FWC) catalog includes 9 other species that require the aforementioned license. The catalog includes popular Gulf Coast catches such as Red Grouper and Greater Amberjack.

Thankfully many fishing charter businesses go through the process of obtaining the correct licensure for guests to catch and keep red snapper – including us here at Naples Fishing Boat.

Red Snapper are known to fight! As even mentioned on, the Gulf of Mexico’s Red Snapper are a “hard fighting fish that uses strong head shaking tactics, rather than long runs.” After the catch, it’s time to eat. Locals suggest grilling your catch in Rosemary and Key Lime. Red Snapper, due to harvest limitations, has become a delicacy. This delicious fish is best served Floridian style, smothered in Key Lime and directly off the grill.