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The Captains

Capt. Paul Luciano


Capt. Paul was born and raised in Naples, FL and spent most of his childhood seeking out fishing holes and chasing big game. After spending several of his teen years as a mate for his Dad’s offshore charter boats, he made the natural progression to Captain. He’s guided for everything from nearshore to dry tortugas and offshore species in Florida.

He loves what he does and it shows. Whether you’re an avid angler looking for the trip of a lifetime or your’re seeking a family fish catching trip, Capt. Paul can help you put fish in the box and smiles on your faces.

Capt. Austin Beach

Captain Austin Beach is a Naples native having graduated from Gulf Coast High School.  He started fishing when he started to walk and has been fishing ever since!  He got his Captain’s license when he was 20 years old and he prides himself in taking people fishing and putting fish in the box for his customers.

Capt. Bobby Nagaj

Capt. Bobby Nagaj was born and raised here in Naples! He has spent every minute of his spare time fishing. Capt. Bobby is a hardworking fisherman who knows how to put fish on the dock for his customers. He started fishing as a young boy on the beaches of Naples and Naples City Pier. Now he is a licensed charter boat Captain putting his experience to work! Capt. Bobby has had his captain’s license for over 10 years and loves putting his experience to work.

 Capt. Noah Woelfel

Capt. Noah was born in Annapolis Maryland with a fishing rod in his hand.  Capt. Noah moved to Naples Florida many years ago and loves fishing.  He enjoys the challenge of helping customers enjoy their fishing experience by catching the best and most fish possible.

The Boats

We offer Two 34 Sportfishing Boats & One 46 Multi-Passenger Vessel.

All three are custom-built for offshore fishing, equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art safety gear required by the US Coast Guard.

They have custom, large insulated fish boxes to keep your catch fresh, the latest electronics and fish finders, comfortable seating to keep you dry and out of the weather, with plenty of shade, and all vessels have private heads on board (restrooms).

Our vessels are very fast and get you to the fishing grounds quickly. Our boats are  reliable and stable at anchor. All have been outfitted with windlass anchor pullers that allow us to pick up anchor quickly so we can move to many different spots throughout the day.