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Naples Fishing

Naples Red Snapper Fishing: An Intro

By August 15, 2018February 7th, 2021No Comments
naples red snapper

Naples offers sophistication and premier Red Snapper fishing. This Gulf Coast retreat is known for art, live music, palatial homes and Red Snapper: stroll the endless beaches and shopping enclaves after a day of fishing. Moreover, shell gatherers will find the region’s beaches a paradise. Millions of intact Sand Dollars wash ashore, waiting to become a moment. However, it’s the region’s vast supply of Red Snapper that attracts anglers.

Florida’s Gulf Coast is a complex system of currents. The Caribbean and Antilles current converge along Florida’s West Coast, making their way to the Atlantic. These waters are a shocking 3660 miles deep. It’s Naples deep offshore waters that relinquish the heftiest Red Snapper. These deep waters are home to a high yield fishery. Moreover, these rapidly moving deep waters make for a surreal vista, swarming with Red Snapper.

Naples’ anglers take pride in the big catch, especially Red Snapper. Red Snapper are revered for their fighting spirit. These fish fiercely resist breaking the waters’ surface – the rod arks severely as the fish struggles – the fish continues to struggle until the head surfaces and the fish turns docile. Red Snapper aren’t known for aerial displays, but exert a tremendous force on the line. A braided line and heavy hook are recommended to reel-in these fish. It’s the Red Snapper’s head shaking tactics that strain a rig and cause the angler’s hands to blister. They are an amazing catch!

Be sure to check with the latest regulations before keeping any Red Snapper. It’s suggested to practice catch and release red snapper fishing in the Gulf’s waters if you are unsure of the current season or regs. There’s been an overwhelming amount of regulations placed upon harvesting Red Snapper – each year the season for harvesting Red Snapper seems to shorten. However, if you’ve obtained the correct permits, this is Poseidon’s tastiest boon! This delicious fish is best served Floridian style, smothered in Key Lime and directly off the grill.

Naples is a juxtaposition. The city offers upscale shopping and serene landscapes – and some of the best offshore fishing in the State of Florida.