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Yellowtail Time

By August 11, 2016February 7th, 2021No Comments

Here we are in August again. To me August seems like its the hottest month of the year for us in Naples.  Everyday is hot and humid with afternoon thunderstorms blowing up at a moments notice.  From 65 feet out to 120 feet this month in the years past have produced epic yellowtail snapper fishing.  I like to fish over wrecks, ledges, or hard bottom after catching red grouper or simply even after the grouper bite slows down.   Snapper fishing is by far my favorite type of fishing, it lets the angler really put his skills to the test.  We like to use chum to get the elusive snapper “fired” up during the day. Knocking your leader size down to a long 20lb fluorocarbon tremendously helps as well.  If your fishing over a wreck you can be assured the resident goliath grouper and sometimes the cudas will help themselves to many of your snapper.  It might get frustrating at times, but just remember to hustle up when you hook a good fish and try to get him boatside quickly before he is eaten.  come see us this month and we will be sure to put a mess of nice snapper and grouper together.  #captainrobertson #naplesfishingboat2015-08-08 17.02.362015-08-16 10.58.41