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Naples Fishing

Snapper Fishing in Naples

By September 6, 2017February 7th, 2021No Comments
A mutton snapper cruises through the deep tropical blue caribbean sea in grand cayman. The pristine reef is home to many species and provides an ecosystem for fish and other animals.

Anglers gather from all over the world to fish Florida’s waterways. From bass to sailfish there is always something biting year round. And here in Naples, Florida that statement is just as true as ever. Although many come down to the Naples area looking for trophy tarpon or to chase all the popular inshore species such as snook, redfish and trout, some of the best tasting fish lie beyond the breakers tucked securely away in their crevices. Sure, grouper can be included within that list of great tasting fish, but snapper tops that list as anglers from all around head out into the Gulf of Mexico searching for the bite from the red snapper.

Red snapper is a highly prized offshore gamefish for many anglers local to the area or traveling in from outside the state. It is also a prized fish for the commercial industry so targeting these fish can become quite the challenge for sport fishermen. On top of having to find these, what seem to be elusive, snapper there are strict regulations in harvesting them. Seasons are put into place to protect numbers and can be very frustrating for the recreational harvester. With that being said, be sure to consult the local laws and regulations before venturing out and filing your cooler.

But, once the time does come to target red snapper, knowing where they lie is half the battle. Red snapper is a bottom dwelling fish, much like grouper, and often times are found among the same rock pile together. Just off the coast of Naples, FL lays countless rock piles, shipwrecks, ledges and drop-offs, and artificial reefs. These areas are what the red snapper call home along with several other species. But you have to act quickly, because once a bottom dweller takes the bait, they immediately retreat to their resting place, and that can mean bad news for you. That’s because if you’re not quick on the draw, then could be broken off in a matter of seconds.

Your best bet to target these prized fish is to hire a local guide that has knowledge of the local laws and regulations, knows all the hot spots where red snapper are hiding out and has the proper equipment to haul them up quickly and efficiently. Not only that, but having the proper watercraft to outrun those pesky Florida storms also a plus. That’s why you should consider hiring Captain Hunter Robertson here at Naples Fishing Boa. His 34’ Crusader Sportfish, the Jobsite, has all the power and luxury to get you to the fishing grounds and back again in a smooth and comfortable ride.