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Fishing Reports

Offshore Fishing Report

By February 9, 2019February 7th, 2021No Comments

Once again we left Naples in our wake and headed offshore 30-35 miles in search of big Red Grouper and Snapper for the dinner table. Today’s crew was from Michigan and have never fished out of Naples. Matter of fact the last time the father had fished was in 1984 out of Hawaii where he landed a 600lb Blue Marlin. I was pretty quick to tell him we wouldn’t be catching fish that large but I assured him I would do my best to show him and his family a great time. This trip we quickly put 6 nice grouper in the box and decided to go play on a wreck to tug on something larger. After pulling on Amberjack and Goliath Grouper we decided to head for the pass and clean up the fish for dinner. Needless to say they enjoyed their day fishing here in Naples with us! #naplesfishingboat