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Fishing Reports

Grouper bite is strong

By February 15, 2016February 7th, 2021No Comments

report2As typical with February, grouper action has been fast a furious. The only thing that can possibly slow us down is the weather. Fortunately for us, mother nature has been cooperating and we’ve had mostly calm seas for most of this month.

The best bites this month have come on large live baits. Big scaled sardine or pinfish have been the trick. Look for fish around the 60-80 foot range hanging off ledges. We’ve been able to find some great new spots this month as we idle from spot to spot by just marking ledges and dropping baits down.

Look for some toothy critters like kingfish to start showing up later this month as the air and water temps begin to warm. Once they start showing up, we’ll start setting out a few flat lines while we’re bottom fishing to get in on some kingfish action.