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Go Big or Stay Home

By July 28, 2017February 7th, 2021No Comments

Offshore fishing is a way of life. It draws many anglers for a number of reasons. Being out on the open water with hundreds of feet of water below you and no land in sight tends to change people. The thrill of not knowing what is on the other end of your line when that rod tip dips down sends a tingle through your body like no other experience prior to that moment—and it never goes away. That high that you encounter is something that you will continue to chase for the rest of your life.

You’ll begin testing the limits of your gear, your boat and even yourself.

You’ll begin pushing the limits against Mother Nature in search of that next thrill.

Maybe it’s instinct. Maybe it’s a sense of accomplishment to arrive home after being beaten up with a bounty of highly prized, great tasting fish. But whatever it is that draws you out onto that water time and time again will never go away, so you must find ways to get that rush. That’s when you take the fishing to the next level. You start searching for ways to fight bigger fish and really test the limits.

You go big or stay home.

You begin targeting monster fish with no food value just to feel the mighty tug on your line. Take goliath grouper for instance. These monsters of the sea are like being hooked up to a Volkswagen. Reaching sizes of 500 pounds and 6 feet in length, these brutes will devour most anything that crosses their path. They also find shelter in reefs, ledges and wrecks, so not only do you have to fight these massive fish, but you need to do it quickly or you’ll find yourself with a cut line. Goliaths are a protected species and are illegal to possess and harvest. Special care must be taken when releasing goliath grouper and should remain in the water. Don’t let that stop you from getting a picture with your catch though! Hop in! The water’s fine!

Looking for something a bit more fierce?

Then maybe shark fishing is for you. Sharks are the undisputed kings of the seas, and hooking into one will put you on cloud 9. These intimidating fish with jaws of steel and razor sharp teeth can be quite the chore to hoist in, but with the proper gear and technique, shark fishing is just another day out on the water. But maybe, just maybe, your catch will have the captain saying, we’re gonna need a bigger boat.

Still looking for new and interesting ways to find that adrenaline pumping good time but still want fish for the cooler? Try night fishing for snapper. Going out on the open water beneath a full moon while relying only on your electronics to navigate with is just a fun and exciting as the fishing that will ensue. The fishing is typically nonstop action on some sweet tasting snapper. Pulling these guys up one after another in the eerie night is sure to get that adrenaline flowing!

If these types of trips interest you, then check out Captain Hunter Robinson here at Naples Fishing Boat charters.

Capt. Robinson specializes in these unique and fun ways of fishing. Make yourself comfortable on the 34’ Crusader Sportfish aptly named the Jobsite because once you aboard it, you’re going to work! But don’t worry; Capt. Robinson also specializes in nearshore and offshore trips that are appropriate for the whole family!