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Stopping for bait… To do or Not to do

By July 18, 2016February 7th, 2021No Comments
fisherman with cast net


Most people don’t spend the time and effort before fishing to catch live bait. They just race off to the edge of the world headed offshore with a cooler full of cut bait.  We absolutely love stopping for a few minutes and either throwing a cast net and blacking out the live well with pilchards. Why? Sometimes these live baits can decide whether you have an awesome day or just an average fishing trip.  I’ve found over the years that even when the fish won’t touch a piece of cut squid or herring they can’t resist a nice lively pilchard on a jig head. Also it gives you something to throw at that curious cobia cruising up to your boat to check you out.  Typically, a 10’ or 12’ 3/8 mesh cast net will be sufficient for catching bait here in SW Florida. In the summer months when the bait is smaller, we knock down our mesh size to ¼”.  Remember to practice your cast net throw before you get out on the water, it will be much easier to catch when you find them.  When you can’t find them to catch in the net, break out the squid bits and gold hooks and go catch a few dozen pinfish. It could make or break your next trip.  Good luck



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