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Naples Fishing

Angling in Naples

By November 24, 2017February 7th, 2021No Comments

The Sunshine State, Florida, is home to more miles of coastline than any other state in the continental United States. With so much coast, and so many beaches, it can be hard for vacationers looking for the ultimate beach vacation to pick from such a bountiful selection of vacation spots in one state. Perhaps the best place for Florida bound travelers wanting to experience the cream of the crop that Florida offers, Naples, along the southern gulf coast is a maybe the best choice you could make. Founded in the 1880’s, the pristine waters, brilliant white sandy beaches and close proximity to some of the best of Florida’s State Parks and natural wonders, local promoters bragged that the area surpassed the bay in Naples, Italy along the world famous Italian Riviera. The name stuck and visitors to this area are rewarded with some fantastic vacation options.

Naples is a top spot for eco-tourists and sport anglers because of its close proximity to both the Everglades and the Ten Thousand Islands. Chartered trips of almost every variety Florida offers are widely available. You could take a guided kayaking trip through mangrove canals in search of alligators, crocodiles and manatees, an airboat trip through the Everglades, or charter a fishing trip in search of in-shore favorites like red drum, flounder and snook or off-shore bruisers like cobia, mackerel, grouper and tarpon. With plentiful reefs just off shore, scuba diving is another popular attraction Naples offers. And the area is home to many lesser known but equally impressive natural wonders, like Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary with its two and a half mile boardwalk winding through bald and pond cypress wetlands. Or one could take a trip to the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge, set aside in 1989 to help protect the only remaining wild cougar population left east of the Mississippi River. With fewer than 100 panthers using the refuge annual, the refuge is also an important corridor for other animals, like bobcats, black bears, fox squirrels, alligators and a variety of birds.

Naples also boasts an impressive 170 acre botanical garden, featuring over 1000 species of plants spread over seven distinct garden ecosystems.  And for those who enjoy shopping, Naples has several distinct districts such as Gallery Row, the Village on Venetian Bay, Tin City and the Big Cypress Market Place.  Here, vacationers and tourists are able to explore a wide array of art galleries, local vendors, antiques dealers and more.

With so many options, Naples, Florida has something sure to please every type of tourist. Whether you are in search of an action packed vacation exploring the swamps of the Everglades, a sports angler searching for a thrilling fishing battle, a sun bather who prefers lounging on the beach or just looking for some rest and relaxation, Naples is the place to be.