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Fishing Reports

Amberjack fishing offshore Naples, Florida

By February 21, 2019February 7th, 2021No Comments

Here in Naples we have several people each year who love coming down to fish with us targeting Amberjack.  These fish are found offshore on ledges and wrecks in the 70 plus foot range.  They are tackle busters and sometimes very aggressive chasing big live baits around the boat like a pack of wolves.  40-75 lb fish are not uncommon to see at all when fishing for them, they prefer a very hearty live bait and like to give chase to catch their prey.  Last week we had a  full day just targeting those big “Reef Donkeys” far offshore in 100 ft of water.  The sharks were eating them every time we would get the hook in them.  No matter what we did we just couldn’t seem to get one in the boat for a picture.  After we lost all our good live baits we pushed back inshore a bit and ended up catching a  limit of really nice red grouper.  This was on a little piece of hard bottom I marked on the bottom machine on the way out.

Today,  we had a group  on a bachelor party trip for a full day fishing trip who were only looking to catch big fish. When I heard that I instantly had a plan of action for these guys looking to beat up on the Groom to be!  We pushed out and loaded the bait well with 30 or so hard baits and moved on to a shrimp boat wreck offshore.  As soon as we pulled in, the fish were chewing on the trim tabs waiting for what we had to give them.  For these guys who have only fished on the lakes back home in Iowa this was insane fishing. Unlike my previous charter,  we pulled on big Amberjack for hours until the guys were worn out and ready to call it a day. #naplesfishingboat